We build a hotels distribution channel to empower travel agencies

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We do this differently

Through distribution not SEO and not social media, start saving your marketing expenses and stop paying Facebook money.



We have all the photos and content so you don't have to upload it again, just select the hotel and list the price.


5 Start Reviews

We ensure that every customer is a return-customer and we provide 24/7 support to every customer.


Upto Savings rate

Average savings for a travel agency from using our channel instead of doing social ads.


Team Members

Our team members are experts at what they do, you are in safe hands with us.

We’re driven by our values

Gets Started Now


We love our partners and want them to grow too, we are loyal to travel agencies and that's why we charge nothing upfront.

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Growth Mindset

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60,000 travel agencies world-wide has less market share than 2 OTAs.

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Have Fun Building

We enjoy what we do, we are building what we love and that's why we kept going for 3 years.

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Trust and Respect

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Growth Mindset

Our business model is set on fast-growth mode by building a huge alliance of travel agencies

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Trust and Respect

Travelers who book from us always return because of our during-stay support.

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You guessed it. We’re changing the game. Here is our milestones

Our team is a game-changer, we are here to disrupt the travel industry.

  • December 2022

World-wide penetration.

  • October  2022

Our mobile app is live.

  • June 2021

Signed the contract with Google.

  • April 2021

Lunch our first beta version

  • Dec 2020

We started our journey

Discover a better way sell your hotel contracts

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